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The Zebra Brothers

Sparky W is a white and black Zebra, while Sparky B is a black and grey. They are twin brothers, spies in HighRoller's army and powerful magicans.

High Roller

After being cast out of the East Citadel, HighRoller vowed to get revenge on the Humans. When a lighting bolt gave him the ability to speak to animals, he used his power to build an evil Animal Army.


When the evil trickster HighRoller deceived the Animals, and brought unrest to the Hidden Kingdom, one Animal was able to see through his lies: ApeTrully. He formed Big Green to stop HighRoller.

Mr. No Hands

Mr. No Hands is strict and gruff like a drill sergeant. He's the one responsible for training the team. He's not much of a warrior, but he's the only member of First Squad with the ability to fly.

Jumpy Ghostface

A master of jumping rope, Jumpy Ghostface can create ropey force-fields around himself and others. He cannot speak Human Language, but he is a loyal friend to everyone on the team.

Might Ray

Might Ray possesses Magical Electrical Eyeballs, which can unleash blasts of lightning, fire and thunder! There's only one catch: He must eat bananas to recharge his eyes, and he hates bananas.

Mystique Sonia

She may be the most beauitful girl in all of Big Green, but Sonia's also a fierce figher. Her primary weapon is her long tongue attack.

Lin Chung

He possesses the legendary Panther Vision, which allows him to see great distances, or to see the world in slow motion. Lin Chung has the skills of a warrior, but his true passion is drawing.


Hero 108 Characters  

Meet the Hero: 108 characters and learn about the heroes of Big Green fighting to restore peace between the humans and the animals. Join Lin Chung, Jumpy Ghostfase, Mystique Sonia, Mighty Ray and the other members of First Squad as they help Commander ApeTrully battle High Roller and his army of evil animal henchmen. Meet all the heroes and villains from the TV show Hero:108 on Cartoon Network.


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