Cryptid: Flying Jellyfish
Location: Over the Pacific
"You can see them scattered across the skyline. Those tiny blips are actually floating jellyfish. They've been spotted far above the Earth in the upper atmosphere."

Cryptid: Amarok
Location: Alaska
"Inuit legend speaks of the Amarok, a giant wolf that hunts men. Last night I came face to face with one. It was tall and lean with a long tail and huge fangs."

Cryptid: Owl-man?
Location: Cornwall, England
"I saw it circling a church like a great black crow. It was the size of a man, but covered in dark feathers. I'll never forget those piercing red eyes.'

Cryptid: Unknown
Location: Mt.Hiba, Japan
"I don't know what it was, but it looked like some kind of giant ape on the slopes of Mount Hiba. I drew this picture from memory. Can anyone tell what it is?"

Cryptid: Sasquatch
Location: Alberta, Canada
"I was following a strange set of tracks off the trail when I saw it. Walking upright and covered in thick brown hair. Believe me. It was a Sasquatch."

Cryptid: Cherufe
Location: Osorno, Chile
"Cherufe are said to live in the volcanoes of my country, causing the violent quakes. During the last eruption, I saw one standing in a pool of magma."

Cryptid: Unknown
Location: Indiana
"I only caught a glimpse of it as it disappeared into the woods. It looked like the same creature from the video. It made off with the food in our cooler."

Cryptid: Flashlight Frog
Location: Cameroon
"They appeared like little light bulbs in the jungle. Hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny frogs with glowing horns. They must be an undiscovered species."