Weird World Faithful,
I urge you not to believe any of the unfounded lies coming from the so-called Secret Saturdays. They seek only to make a villain out of me. I am a simple showman. My goal is to entertain and enlighten.

In truth, the Saturdays are just a family of super-rich troublemakers who think they're above the law. Sadly, they're the ones who are actually endangering the cryptids of the world. Heed my warning, Weird Watchers, do not trust the Saturdays.

Your Gracious Host,
V.V. Argost

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Does Mongolian Death Worm venom live up to its name? We shall see.

Argost searches for Kumari Kandam, a sunken city lost to the ocean's darkest depths.

Have an appetite for the bizarre? It's a feeding frenzy in Argost's cryptid dungeon.

Dear Argost,
My parents would ground me if they knew I was writing you this letter. Weirdworld is totally off limits in my house. I have to sneak into my dad's lab just to watch it. You've got like the coolest, creepiest show on TV. I'm a huge fan.
I love anything to do with cryptids. I've always felt a common bond with them. In fact, I even have a couple cryptids as pets.

I can't wait for the new season!

Zak S.


I've always had an interest in the paranormal, but your show gives me nightmares! I'm scared out of my mind and I'm loving it. Who could ask for more? From creepy creatures to evil artifacts, Weirdworld has it all. I couldn't have done it better myself.

Jay S.


Dear Mr. Argost,
I'm your biggest fan. Weirdworld is the best thing to hit TV in years. In my book you're officially the new king of freaks. Bravo, Mr. Argost. I can't wait for a new season full of thrills and chills. Long live Weird World.

Keep up the good work, Cryptid Keeper.

Laura N.